Greetings ravers, revellers and audio junkies!

...And those who find themselves here through no fault of their own!

We are sad to announce that Avalaf Radio is no longer emitting a permanent live stream of FULL SPECTRUM auditory assault to penetrate your membranes.
We hope to pop up sporadically on other streaming platforms for one-off shows in the future and perhaps we will make the archive of previous shows available here too. Watch this space!
It was never about the money, so as a result this never paid for itself - so we have decided to move to free platforms in order to continue our pursuit of broadcasting FAME and FORTUNE
So much love and respect to all tribes and participants - spinners, toasters and website hosters - who have made it happen since the stations birth back in 2011! You are all totally radical dudes and dudettes and should be so happy with what you have accomplished!
You know who you are!

Avalaf Radio has not Fucked Off! (Completely)

See you all soon!